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Standard AS/NZ 3760 2010

Lets be clear - the testing schedule regulations as written in AS/NZ 3760 are far from black and white. Interpretation can vary very easily. As with all safety procedures we recommend a cautious approach to extending testing regularities.

The AS/NZS 3760 is an Australian Standard that oversees the Test and Tag industry in regards to electrical safety of portable appliances. Its main goal is to ensure workplaces are safe by setting out recommendations in relation to testing 240V, 3 phase and low voltage electrical equipment.

Specifically, these recommendations focus on topics that range from Test and Tag frequencies, inspection and testing specifications, record keeping and other general guidelines. This extends to any equipment or appliances brought into the workplace i.e. battery charger, laptop chargers, electric drill etc. If the equipment is not safe and causes an accident, both the employer and the person who provided the appliance may be liable. We will cover legislation and penalties in a future blog.

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