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Competent Person

Thae AS/NZ 3760 Standards require your testing and tagging to be carried out by what they say is a "competent person".

Now even though we all see ourselves as a competent person the requirements are a little more detailed. A competent person under the guidelines is a person that has completed the licensed testing and tagging training course provided by a qualified taining academy or person. This competent person will be allocated a unique license number that must be displayed on the tags that this competent person provides whilst undertaking test and tag on your appliances, tools or at your business.

A competent person will be articulate, be able to explain the test and tag procedure, will provide you with test and tag results within 24 hrs of completion and will carry all required testing equipment.

Bazza from the cricket club who saw a sparky wrapping tags last week is NOT a competent pesron regardless of how cheap he is and that he is certain he can get it done for a slab.

Your neighbour around the corner who saw tags for sale at Bunnings is NOT a competent person and neither is your nephew a competent person because he needs a little extra cash for the upcoming school excursion.

A competent person will have the ability to get under that desk, behind the cabinet and be able to test and tag the powerboard and leads covered by 3 sets of shoes. A competent person needs to have the ability to climb a ladder, crawl through tight spaces and carry out testing and tagging procedures in a safe and competent way.

Dont get a Bazza. At SureSafe Test and Tag we ARE a competent company with competent staff. Put your business in the right hands.

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